Quality Policy

Workzone is a Facilities Maintenance Company that specialises in Building Maintenance and Repairs, Carpentry, Civil Works, Landscaping, Painting, Graffiti Management, Line Marking, Grounds and Parks Management and roadside infrastructure:

  • Local and State government departments
  • Railways
  • Private sector corporate clients.

Workzone’s aim is to ensure our customers receive the highest possible quality services where quality and value for money act as our top priority.


Workzone’s objectives are to:

  • Manage the sustainable growth of our customer base by conducting regular customer and staff audits, via surveys and KPI reports. Actioning customer feedback to improve internal processes via toolbox talks, procedures, and meetings.
  • Promote a culture that values and encourages staff consultation.
  • Ensure that management systems are performing as intended and producing the desired results as efficiently as possible through Management Reviews to improve the overall performance of the company.
  • Meet all legislative and regulatory requirements as laid down by all relevant bodies including, but not limited to Publication, Employers’ Associations, Accountants, Lawyers, Government bodies, Trade bodies, Fair Work (NSW), WorkSafe (WA), ombudsmen, awards and the ATO.
  • Manage and develop staff so they deliver superior service through training reviewed monthly for expiry date, renewals, inductions and customer feedback through emails, verbal and passed onto staff, quality audits.
  • Actively searching for better and more innovative ways to conduct our business recorded innovative ways through bi-monthly management meetings.
  • Record non-conformance (quality) – submit each month customer complaints – Include complaints in toolbox meeting and management meetings – send to Compliance manager to register.

Management requires all workers to be actively engaged in the continual improvement and development of our Quality System, to ensure Workzone meets and exceeds customer requirements and expectation.

The Integrated Management System Manuals of WORKZONE outlines the requirements of both the company and its customers. The success of Workzone’s Integrated Management System is driven by all staff and their commitment to ensuring compliance with ISO 9001:2015.

Policy review

This policy will be reviewed every year during Management reviews

Date for next review: Jan 2024

Authorised by Scott Paterson CEO